1.2. How to create a document/folder

You can easily create new .txt files and folders with Documents - to make the process even more user-friendly, we’ve added a separate icon for it on iPads to prevent you from missing anything.  

On your iPad: simply launch the app and use the icon at the right bottom corner of the screen. As soon as you tap it, you’ll be given several options.   

To create a blank .txt file, tap Text File. A blank new document will be created immediately. You can change the formatting of the .txt file if you save it as .rtf file: open the .txt file > tap the More button > Make Rich Text. If PDF Expert is installed on your device, you will be able to create PDF files as well.

On your iPhone: tap Edit at the top right corner to enter the file-management mode. Tap More and select Create Text icon to create a new file. To create a folder, tap the folder icon at the top left corner after entering the file-management mode.

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