2.8. Transfer files from Safari to Documents

To send PDF files from Safari to the Documents app, follow the steps below:  

  1. Tap on the direct link to load a document in Safari.
  2. Wait until the document is loaded.
  3. Tap an Actions button  (scroll down the PDF to reveal the bottom toolbar) when the document opens for preview.
  4. Select Documents from the list of available apps. 

Note: to troubleshoot the cases when Documents does not appear in the list of extensions, please see the following article (6.5. There is no Documents app in the 'Open in' menu).

Note: to open a file from Documents using the URI scheme in Safari, type rdocs:///folder/subfolder/file.pdf to open file.pdf stored in a folder/subfolder in the Documents tab within the Documents app.

In the Documents app, you can use the built-in browser to save a web page as a PDF file by tapping the Actions button  and saving the page as an HTML document, a PDF or Web Archive.

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