3.3. Access files from locally shared resources via the 'Nearby' section

If there are locally shared resources in the network (e.g. servers or computers), they can be found in the Nearby section of the sidebar and set up on a one-time connection to access shared files.

Note: This is a one-time connection and credentials are not saved after the Documents app is closed.

To establish a permanent connection to the server or if the device is not among available devices in the Nearby section of the app, you can establish the connection manually. For this, open Documents settings > Network > tap +Add account > select the necessary protocol (Windows SMB/WebDAV/FTP/ SFTP) > enter your credentials and connect to the server.

You can set up a permanent connection using SFTP, SMB protocols to connect to Mac/PC or Wi-Fi Drive to connect to another iOS device:

2-way sync with MAC via SFTP

Сonnect to MAC or PC via SMB

Wi-Fi Drive

If any devices are shared locally and displayed in the Nearby section of Documents app, they can be access to copy files. For this, follow the steps below:

  1. Tap Nearby in the sidebar of the Documents 6 app > tap the device or tap Available devices to see all other devices on the network > sign in (if necessary).     
  2. When this is done, you'll see the list of files which are available on another device.   
  3. Таp on any file to view and annotate it remotely on the server or tap More button    and choose to Save a copy to download a copy of the file to the Documents 6 app. To download multiple files from the server to Documents 6, tap Select > Select files > choose Download.

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