3.4. Set up sync with Mac via SFTP

You can setup 2-way sync with your MAC via SFTP connection. Please note that only a local wireless network is used for such connections.

To enable SFTP server on your MAC:

  1. Go to macOS X System Preferences .
  2. Click Sharing.
  3. Check Remote Login.

Once the  SFTP server is enabled, follow the steps below to connect Documents 6 to the Mac:

  1. Tap the Nearby section in the Documents app or go to the app Setting > Network to establish a permanent connection.
  2. Tap ‘Add Account.’
  3. Select SFTP.
  4. Use the MAC IP address or Hostname as a Host (find this information on the Mac in System Preferences > Sharing > Remote Login).
  5. Provide the Mac login and password (credentials used for installing apps and logging into the Mac account).
  6. Tap Save to create a connection.
  7. The connection will work in the local WiFi area, provided your Mac is running.

To setup a 2-way sync:

  1. Open the MAC SFTP server on the sidebar of the Documents app on iPad or Services section of Documents app on iPhone;
  2. Navigate to the folder you'd like to sync with and open it;    
  3. Tap Sync on iPad or swipe down from the top of the synced folder on the iPhone and tap Sync; the synced folder will be located in the Synced folders section of the app. 

Please note: if you change the network frequently but sync the folder between your Mac and iOS device, please use mac's Hostname as a Host instead of the IP address since IP address changes while changing the network.

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