4.1. Reading options

The Documents 6 application allows the reading of book you like with ePub and FB2 readers and provides the ability to customize the reading settings. 

  • Reading settings customization 
  • Contents search 
  • Outlines  
  • Bookmarks 

Reading customization allows to change these options:

  • brightness of the screen  
  • night/sepia/day mode  
  • zoom level of the book view  
  • font style
  • scrolling direction
  • auto-lock disabling

To access these settings, open the file needed and select aA button. 

The PDF viewer allows customizing the reading options after tapping the aA button:

  • enabling the Night/Sepia mode
  • adjusting margins using the Crop Mode (Documents 6 will analyze the document and hide the margins)
  • adjusting the brightness of the screen
  • disabling device auto-lock 
  • two pages view enabling
  • choosing the scroll direction

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