4.3. How to highlight, underline, strike out

The Documents 6 app supports three types of annotations that can be applied to the text in a PDF file:

  • Highlight

  • Underline

  • Strike out.

To access these options, tap the Annotate button on the top toolbar.

On the annotation bar,  select    and drag it over the text to mark it up.

Note: you can only apply these types of annotations in text-searchable PDF files (PDFs should be OCR’d); if you work with a scanned PDF file where text content is not searchable, you will need to OCR the file first or you can use Pen or Shape tools with the necessary opacity level to highlight the text. 

To change the color of the markup, tap&hold any markup tool or tap the highlighted text, then select Color.

Note: to get to the next page with the annotation tool active, just use a two finger swipe.

To clear all annotations in the PDF file:  

  1. Open the file;  

  2. Tap the Bookmarks icon at the top right;

  3. Select the Annotations section and tap Clear.

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