3.3. Cannot Connect to a Gmail Account

If you’re experiencing problems adding a Google account to Spark, please follow these steps.

1. Make sure you have the latest version of Spark

We are constantly updating Spark and fixing bugs. It’s better to have the newest version to be certain Spark performs the best.

To check if you have the latest version of Spark, open the App Store on your Mac and click Updates. If there is an update for Spark, install it.

2. Make sure you submit the needed login details

If you have generated an app-specific password, please note you need to enter the standard password from your email account. You don’t need to submit an app-specific password in Spark.

If you have two-step verification enabled, you need to enter an additional verification code after submitting your password. This article describes how to add a Google account with two-step verification.

3. Check the network connection

On your Mac, open System Preferences > Network. Here, you can see the network connection status.

Some organizations enable a firewall to prevent access to certain websites from their networks. Ask the administrator of your network if the access to Gmail and Spark (as the third-party email application) is allowed.

Alternatively, you can try to connect your Gmail account using a different network.

Note: If you live in China, you may have issues with connecting to a Google account due to the firewall enabled in your country. Our team is working on a solution to make Spark available for you.

4. Turn off a VPN

We can’t guarantee Spark will work properly with a VPN enabled. The quality of the performance via VPN solely relies on the servers of the VPN network.

5. Try to log into your Google account in a browser

Go to the Gmail webpage and enter your email and password to sign in. If you can sign into your account in a browser, try to do it again in Spark.

6. Contact our support team

If none of the steps described above have worked for you, we are happy to help you personally. Launch Spark, click Help at the top left of your screen and press Send Feedback.

A new email window will appear. In the Subject: line, write “Cannot connect to Gmail.” We need this email subject to provide you with a quick, personal reply.

Spark automatically attaches a .zip file with the application logs to this email. We need the logs for our investigation. This file may contain some sensitive personal data, and we assure you we’ll treat it as confidential information.

In your message, write the email address you’re trying to log in and attach a screenshot with the error message appearing when you try to add an account. To make a screenshot, press Cmd + Shift + 4 and select the needed area on your screen. In the email composer of the Mail app, click the icon at the top right to attach the screenshot.

Send the email, and our support team will get in touch to solve your problem.

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