5.4. Snooze an Email

Spark allows you to snooze an email to make it appear as “new” in your inbox at a specific time. This feature is helpful when you can’t answer an important email immediately and want to get a reminder about it later.

Snoozing works across all your devices. You can snooze an email on Mac and receive it on your iPhone and vice versa. Make sure you're logged into the same email for sync on both of your devices. Learn more about the sync option in Spark.

Snoozing an email

Open the email and tap the Snooze icon at the bottom right. Select the time you want the email to appear in your inbox. Enable the Alert toggle to receive a notification about the snoozed email.


To set the time and date manually, tap Pick date. Choose the needed time and tap Apply.

The Someday option means an email won’t return to your inbox at any specific time, but it is available in the Snoozed folder.

Note: You can snooze an email in your inbox with a swipe. To customize swipes, go to Settings > Personalization > Swipes.

Editing or discarding a snooze

All snoozed emails which haven’t returned to your inbox are available in the Snoozed folder on the left sidebar. If you don’t see this folder, you can add it via Settings > Personalization > Sidebar > Add New.

To change the snooze time of your email, open it in the Snoozed folder, tapat the bottom right and select a different time. If you don’t want this email to appear as new in your inbox, tap the cross icon near the snooze time at the top of your screen.

Note: The snooze automatically turns off when you receive a new message into the thread with a snoozed email. The new message appears in your inbox as usual.

Customizing the snooze options

Open Settings > Scheduling > Snoozes. This menu allows you to decide when you want to receive snoozed emails. Tick the options you wish and select the time.


Enable the Default Alert toggle to receive push notifications about snoozed emails in your inbox.

You can also access this menu by tapping Customize while snoozing an email.

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