4.1. Connect to Your Email Account

Spark works with Google, Exchange, Yahoo, iCloud, Outlook, Kerio Connect, and other IMAP email accounts.

During the first launch, you’ll see a welcome screen. Tap Skip or Got It. Enter your email address, tick the checkbox to agree with Spark Terms of Use and the Privacy Policy and tap Next.


Spark will ask you to use your provider’s website to sign in, tap Continue.

A login screen will appear. Sign into your email account as you usually do: Enter your email address and password. Your email provider will ask if you will allow Spark to access your account. Tap Allow or Agree.

Note: If you want to connect to an iCloud account, you need to generate and enter an app-specific password to log in.  

On the welcome screen, tap Start Using Spark. Now, your email account is connected to Spark. This email address is your email for sync. You can use it to log into a new device to sync all your preferences. For more information on syncing accounts and preferences across multiple devices, check this article.

Adding more accounts

You can add an unlimited number of email accounts to Spark. Tap at the top left, select Add more accounts at the top of the sidebar and choose your email provider. Alternatively, you can open Settings > Mail Accounts > Add Account.


On the login screen, enter your email and password and allow Spark to access your account.

If you don’t see your email provider on the list, tap Set Up Account Manually. This is the way you can set up IMAP accounts only. Please note: Spark doesn’t support POP 3 accounts.

Enter your email address and password in the corresponding fields and tap Log In.

If your email account requires additional settings, tap Open Advanced Settings. Here, you can choose ports, email server, and the type of protection.

Changing the account name and title

To see and manage all the email accounts you added, tap at the top left, open Settings > Mail Accounts and tap the needed account. Here, you can choose the name, title, and color of your account.

Name is displayed in the To: or From: field when you send or receive an email. If your account has no name, these fields are filled with your email address.

Title is used only in Spark. This is the name of your account shown on the sidebar. You can enter any title you wish to navigate your inbox easily.

Color setting allows you to choose different colors for your accounts. For example, you can pick red for work emails and use green for personal messages. It allows you to see which account each email in your inbox belongs to.

If you use a Gmail, iCloud or Yahoo account, you can set up an account alias to conceal your actual email address (Settings > Mail Accounts > [your account] > Add Alias). For more information on aliases, check this article.

Selecting the default account

If you use multiple accounts, you can choose a default one. When you compose an email, the From: field will contain your default email address.

Open Settings > Mail Accounts > Default Email Address. Tick one of your accounts from the list or choose the Most Recent option. In this case, the last account you used to email someone is the default.


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