6.1. Transfer files to another device with Readdle Transfer

Readdle Transfer allows you to start working on your file in PDF Expert on one of your iOS/ macOS devices and transfer it to another device to continue your work there. Readdle Transfer works between:

  • Documents on iOS
  • PDF Expert on iOS
  • PDF Expert for Mac on macOS


  • PDF Expert (Documents) app should be running on both devices.
  • We recommend having your devices on the same network.
  • You are signed into iCloud using the same Apple ID on both iOS/macOS devices.
  • iCloud Drive is enabled for both devices: on your iPhone/iPad (iOS settings > Apple ID > iCloud > iCloud Drive is 'On’) and on your Mac (System Preferences > iCloud > iCloud Drive is 'On’).

Drive settings.png

To transfer the file from your iPhone to iPad:

  1. Open the file in PDF Expert on your iPhone, work with it.
  2. To transfer the file from your iPhone to iPad and continue your work there, open PDF Expert on iPad > tap iPhone icon on the sidebar menu
  3. Select the file you need to transfer to iPad and continue your work where you left off.
  4. To update the file on your iPhone, tap ‘Reload’ on your iPhone (the file should be still opened on the iPhone).

To transfer the file from your iPad to iPhone, open the file on your iPad and use the iPad tab on your iPhone to transfer to the file. You can also use Readdle Transfer between 2 iPads, 2 iPhones or 2 Macs.   


To transfer the file from your iPhone/iPad to Mac:

  1. Open the file in PDF Expert 6 on your iPhone or iPad.
  2. On your Mac, launch PDF Expert for Mac and click the blue Readdle Transfer button
  3. Choose the necessary file and continue working with this file on your Mac. The file on your iPhone/iPad will be updated automatically if you tap 'Reload' on iPhone/iPad. If you edit the file on your iPhone/iPad, click 'Reload' on your Mac to update the file on Mac;
  4. To save the latest version of the file to your Mac, use the Command-S keyboard shortcut or ‘Save as functionality and choose ‘Save to Mac’.

Note: Readdle Transfer allows you to continue your work on another device but the copy of the file is not created on the second device automatically. To save the file to your iPad, tap Actions button on iPad > Save a Copy (if the file is still opened on both devices) or simply close the file on your iPad and choose where to save the file (save back to iPhone/ save to iPad) if you have already closed the file on your iPhone.

You do not need to save the file manually if you work with a file which is located in iCloud or Dropbox synced folder of PDF Expert on both devices. Modifications will be pushed across devices via the Dropbox/iCloud sync mechanism. However, sync might take longer than Readdle Transfer.

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