3.8. Cannot receive push notifications

Check if the following settings are enabled for Spark on your device: 

  • Make sure that Spark is allowed to send you notifications in the iOS Settings app. (Settings > Notifications > Spark > Allow Notifications toggle on and enable other options of your choice).
  • Make sure that you have notifications set up in Spark (Spark Settings > Mail Accounts > select account > Notification Preference > All or Smart). Smart option means that you will receive notifications only for emails sent by people (not newsletters or notifications from services). You can also mark any sender as important (can be regulated in mail view: Details - the Bell Icon).
  • Make sure that you have a stable Internet connection.

To learn more about Smart Notifications please visit this page.

NOTE: if you are using corporate network/ VPN connection/ Proxy services, we recommend that you contact your system administrator and make sure Spark is allowed to send you push notifications on the server level. 

If it doesn't help out, please contact us and indicate the problematic email account we should check for you. 

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