1.1. How to Create and Manage a Team

Spark for Teams enables companies to be more effective in email communication. You can create a team in Spark to draft, share, and discuss emails together with your colleagues. Now, you don’t have to constantly forward emails or copy them to your messenger if you need input from your team. Both external and internal communications happen in Spark.

Why use teams:

  • Draft emails together in real time
  • Discuss emails privately in comments to provide faster replies
  • Share links to specific emails

Creating a team

Tap  at the top left, go to Settings > Teams, and tap the plus icon at the top right. Enter the name of your team and press Create a Team.


Note: If you enable the toggle, everyone with your company’s email receives an invitation to join your team.

Managing a team

Go to Settings > Teams > Manage Team. You will be directed to the Team Preferences page which allows you to manage your team. If you are an owner or admin of a team, you can add or delete members and change the team’s name and profile picture. If you have multiple teams, you can switch them at the top right.

To rename your team, tap Edit near the team name, type a new one, and choose Save.

To change the team avatar, tap the profile picture and choose an image from your computer.

Inviting people to join your team

Go to the Team Preferences Page (Settings > Teams > Manage Team), choose the Members tab and tap Add members.


Enter the email addresses of your teammates separated by commas, and tap Invite. Your colleagues will receive an invitation to join your team and download Spark if they don’t have it yet.

Removing team members

Go to the Team Preferences Page (Settings > Teams > Manage Team) and choose the Members tab. To remove a person from your team, tap the Admin or Member button on the right from the person’s email and choose Deactivate account.

If you want to leave a team, go to the Overview tab and tap Leave team. Note: You can’t leave a team you have created; you can only delete it.

Deleting a team

To delete a team, jump to the Overview tab and tap Delete team. In a pop-up window, type the name of the team and choose Submit. When you delete a team, shared drafts and comments are removed as well.


Note: Your team’s shared content is stored on our secure servers to make team functionality available to you. After deleting your team in Spark, you won’t be able to access shared drafts and comments via other email clients or webmail. Learn more about the Spark Privacy Policy.

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