2.2. Siri Shortcuts

With the release of iOS 12, Spark supports Siri Shortcuts. Siri suggests you create shortcuts for things you do frequently to perform them faster. Spark currently supports three shortcuts: You can jump to a selected folder, search for specific emails, and compose an email to a certain person or group.

To use Siri Shortcuts, update your device to iOS 12 (iPhone 5S and newer, iPad mini 2 and newer). You need to update Spark to version 2.0.15 or newer. If it hasn’t updated automatically, go to the App Store > Updates, find Spark and tap Update.

Creating a shortcut

Launch Spark, tap  at the top left, go to Settings > Siri & Shortcuts. Choose the shortcut you want to create.


Open Folder

With this shortcut, you can record a personalized phrase to jump to a specific folder in Spark. Tap Open Folder and select the folder you often use. This shortcut supports folders like Pins, Snoozed, Drafts, etc. Unified folders contain emails from all your accounts. You can also choose a folder for a specific account, e.g. drafts for work email. Tap the needed email address and select a folder.

Then, record a personalized phrase for Siri to perform the shortcut. Tap the recording icon, say your command and tap Done.


Now, you can say “Hey Siri, Open Pins” and Spark will launch with the pinned emails opened.


This shortcut is helpful when you often look for specific emails in Spark. You can set up a shortcut to filter emails by sender, attachments or content. Tap Search and enter your query. For example, if you need all emails with PDF attachments from your colleague, enter “pdf from…”, start typing the person’s name or email, and Spark will suggest the results.

After creating a filter, tap Done and record the phrase to add this shortcut to Siri.

Compose email

When you email someone frequently in Spark, Siri can set up a shortcut to compose an email to this person. You don’t have to launch Spark, create a new message and type the email address; Siri does it for you.

Tap Compose email and fill out the fields to send future emails faster. Start typing the recipient's name or email in the To:, Cc: or Bc: fields, and Spark will suggest people.

To change an account the email is sent from, tap your email address and choose another one from the list. Tap Select Signature to choose one of your signatures for this email.

When you’re finished with settings, tap Next and record your phrase for this shortcut. You can say “Email my team” and Siri will open the email composer with the pre-entered fields.

Editing and deleting a shortcut

You can always change or delete existing shortcuts. Open Settings > Siri & Shortcuts and choose a shortcut you want to edit.


Tap Re-Record Phrase to choose a different command for your shortcut. Say the new phrase and tap Done.

To remove a shortcut, tap Delete Shortcut.

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