5.12. Attach a Video File to an Email

With the latest update, Spark allows you to attach videos when you compose an email. Please update Spark to version 2.1. If it hasn’t updated automatically, open the App Store > Updates, find Spark and tap Update.

Launch Spark and tap the Compose icon to write an email (or open an existing thread and tap Reply).

To attach a video, tap at the bottom left. Choose the needed file from your recent photos and videos. You can tap Photos or Files to find the files you want to attach. If you want to upload files from Google Drive, Dropbox, Box, or OneDrive, tap Add Service and choose your cloud storage.

Select the files and tap Attach (or Attach Video/File).


Note: You can attach multiple files to your email, but their total size should be less than 25 MB. If your video is larger, we recommend you upload it to a cloud storage and paste the link to your email.

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