4.5. Sync Your Accounts and Preferences Across Multiple Devices

Spark is available on different platforms, and you can enjoy Spark’s features on the multiple devices you own. Spark allows you to sync your accounts and preferences when you log in to a new device. Since it’s a hassle to add your email accounts one by one, Spark gives you the ability to sign in with your primary account, and every other account automatically logs in for you.

After downloading and launching Spark, log in with your personal or work email address. This address becomes your email for sync. When you want to use Spark on a new device, log in with this address. It syncs your personal settings and the email accounts you’ve previously added to Spark.

What preferences are synced:

  • Added email accounts including account name, title, and color
  • Signatures
  • Snoozes and reminders
  • Swipes
  • Quick replies
  • Sidebar appearance (syncs only across the same platform, e.g. one iPhone with another)
  • Smart folders (sync only across the same platform)
  • Email templates
  • Email viewer
  • Send analytics option

To check which email address is used for sync, tap at the top left and go to Settings. The email address you see at the top is your email for sync. You can log in the email shown to sync your accounts and preferences across your devices.

Tap your email to see which devices are logged into this account. You can choose the device and tap Remove to log it out. Tap Log Out to sign out from the current device.


We recommend you to use for sync the email account only you have access to. Don’t use the email address shared between multiple people as an email for sync. For instance, the email address your company uses for customer support or client communication. It’s better to log into Spark with your personal or work email and then add the other accounts (Settings > Mail Accounts > Add Account).

Note: To provide you with the sync option, we encrypt the information about your accounts and preferences and store it on our secure servers. If you want to learn more, see Spark Privacy Policy.

You can always delete data about your accounts and preferences from Spark. Open Settings > [your email] and tap Remove My Data From Spark. In the pop-up window type “Remove” and tap Confirm.

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