3.9. Issues With Smart Search

If you can’t find a needed email using smart search, please follow these steps.

1. Specify the folder to search through

For Gmail accounts, Spark searches through all the folders except Trash and Spam. If you think the needed email is in one of these folders, add “in” and the folder name to your search query. For example, “tickets in trash.” To search through multiple folders, separate their names with commas.

For non-Gmail accounts, please specify the folder where your email might be. It can be a standard folder like Sent or Drafts or a custom folder you created.

Type “in” and the folder name in the search field and enter a word or phrase you’re looking for. For example, “partnership in sent.”

To learn more about how smart search in Spark works, check this article.

2. Contact our support team

If you’re still experiencing issues with search, we are ready to help you personally. Our team needs detailed logs and the screenshots with search results both from Spark and the web page of your email provider. It helps us investigate your problem as soon as possible.

1. Launch Spark, tap at the top left and go to Settings > Support and enable the Detailed Logging toggle.


2. Enter your search query in Spark. If it fails to find the needed emails, make a screenshot with your query and search results.

3. Open your inbox on the web page of your email provider (e.g., Gmail). Enter the search query from Spark. Make a screenshot with the results.

4. Return to Spark. Open Settings > Support > Send Feedback.

A new email window will appear. In the Subject: line, write “Issues with search.” We need this email subject to provide you with a quick, personal reply.

Spark automatically attaches a .zip file with the application logs to this email. They are used only for our investigation. This file may contain sensitive personal data, but we assure you we treat it as confidential information.

Please attach the screenshots you made from Spark and your provider’s webpage. Tapat the bottom left to add the screenshots.

Send the email, and we’ll get in touch to help you.

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