5.1. Write an email

To write an email open the Inbox view and tap this button  . Start typing Email text, tap x tin the top right to Minimize the window and work with your inbox.

Save it to Drafts or Delete it. 

Start typing in recipients name or email address and select it from the list of suggested options. Type CC or BCC to send a copy of this email to other people or keep entering your primary recipients. 

Your signature is auto-detected and displayed at the bottom of a new email. You can swipe to switch between different signatures.

Use paper clip icon to add attachments to email. Spark supports adding attachments from Camera or Photos app and cloud based storages, such as Dropbox, Box, Google Drive, OneDrive and Google Drive accounts.

Tap on a paper plane to send the email. Shake your iPhone to cancel the sending or select Undo at the bottom toolbar. 

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