5.9. Manage Email Attachments

When you receive an email with an attachment, you can view it, save to your device or upload it to cloud storage.

Tap the attachment to view it. Spark can open text files, PDFs, images, video and audio files, Excel and Numbers spreadsheets, Powerpoint and Keynote presentations.

Note: You can access all your attachments via the Attachments folder on the sidebar. Learn how to customize the sidebar.

Saving attachments to Files

Tap on the attachment and choose Files. Alternatively, you can open an attachment and tap Save > Files.


Choose the folder to save the attachment and tap Add.

Uploading attachments to cloud storage

You can save an attachment to iCloud Drive, Dropbox, Box, Google Drive, OneDrive, or Evernote storages.

Tap on the attachment and select your cloud storage. If you haven’t connected any cloud storages to Spark, tap Add Service. Select the needed cloud storage on the list and follow the onscreen instructions to log in.


Alternatively, you can open an attachment and tap Save > [your cloud storage] (or Save > Add Service).

In your cloud storage, choose the folder to save the attachment and tap Save.

Sharing attachments

Tap on the attachment and choose Open In. Select the app you want to share the attachment with (for example, iMessage, Slack, etc.) This menu also allows you to send the attached file to other devices using AirDrop.

Reattaching files

If you want to email the attachment you received to other people, tap on the attachment and select Attach.

A new email window with your attachment will appear. Now, you can send this file to the other person.

Editing PDF attachments

If you have our PDF Expert app, you can edit PDF attachments from Spark and quickly email them back. For example, when you receive a contract, you can sign and attach it to a reply.

Tap on the attachment and select Edit (or open the attachment > Edit). Select the action you wish.

The attachment opens in PDF Expert. After editing the PDF document, tap Next at the top right. Decide how to email this PDF file: As an editable document or a flattened copy. We recommend you save PDF forms and documents with signatures as a flattened copy.

You can attach the PDF file to a reply or to a new email. Spark creates a draft with the edited attachment.

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