5.21. Use Smart Search

With Spark, you can quickly find any email using its smart search. Spark can filter emails by content, date, sender or recipient, attachments, etc.

To look for specific emails, tap the search icon at the top right.

Type your query in the search field and tap Search on the keyboard. You can write a word or phrase or specify the needed sender, date, etc. Spark understands natural language; you can type, “from Amazon last month” to see how it works.

Note: Spark searches through all folders except Trash and Spam.

To save your search query, tap the star icon at the top right. When you need to use this query again, tap the search icon > Saved.

If you have multiple accounts, you can choose a particular one to search through. After entering your query, tap All Accounts at the top and select the account you wish. By default, Spark searches through all your accounts.

Search emails by sender or recipient

Enter “from” or “to” in the search field and start typing a name or an email address. Then, choose the needed person from the list. To find emails from multiple people, separate the email addresses with commas.

You can separate the email addresses with OR to find emails related to one person on the list or both of them. You can use OR with up to seven email addresses.

Search emails by date

Include one of the following phrases in your search query: “Last week,” “today, “yesterday,” “this week,” “this month,” “last two weeks,” “last 2 weeks,” “last month,” or “last two months.” For example, you can type, “report last month.”

Search emails with attachments

You can find emails with attached images, PDFs, and documents. Start typing, “pdf,” “image,” “jpeg,” “document,” or “attachment” and choose the keyword from the list.

Spark shows the emails with highlighted attachments.

Search emails by subject

Type “subject” in the search field and write a word or phrase from a subject line.

Search emails in specific folders

Type “in” in the search field and enter the name of the folder you want to search through (e.g. Drafts, Sent, Archive). Add a word or phrase you are looking for. To search through multiple folders, separate their names with commas.

Separate the folder names with OR to find messages in one of the folders you specify or in all of them. You can use OR with up to seven folders.

Other search operators

You can type these words in the search field to find specific emails:

  • Small/short/large/oneline — to filter emails by size.
  • Forwarded/replied, forward/reply
  • Starred/flagged
  • Not replied

You can combine different words and search operators to find any needed emails faster. For example, “report pdf from Ann last month.”

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