3.1. App quits unexpectedly

If Spark crashes/quits unexpectedly on any action, please reboot your device. If it doesn't help, send us the additional information, such as:  

The system Crash Logs:   

  1. Go to iOS Settings > Privacy > Analytics > Analytics Data,
  2. Find the latest Spark crash log,
  3. Click Share button > Mail > send the file to   

Detailed logs:  

  • Spark > Settings > Support > enable Detailed logging,
  • Reproduce the crash,
  • Go back to Settings > Send Feedback.  

Since crash could be specific in each case, please describe the sequence of actions that you follow before Spark crashes.     

If Spark crashes when viewing a certain email, please send us its message data for the testing:  

  • Open Spark > Settings > Support,
  • Make sure Detailed logging is enabled,
  • Go back to the email > tap Action button > Tools > Send message data,
  • Type 'Crash' in the subject of the email.

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