5.16. Use Email view actions

To print email, open it, tap Actions in the bottom right and select Print. You may choose one of the available devices supporting AirPrint.     

Spark allows to save the email as PDF file and share it using Open In, attach it to the new email or upload to cloud storages.     

Use Move to place email to Important, Notes or another customized folder created in the email account.  

Archive, Delete and Mark as Spam to manage emails. 

Email address, sender info, and notification settings are available in View Details

On your Mac: 

Use the toolbar to Pin, Mark as Read/Unread, Snooze, Archive, Delete and Move email. You can also click ... to mark email as Spam or Print it. 

You can also use:

  • Shortcuts
  • Swipes

  • Hover buttons (Mark as Read/Unread, Archive and Delete)

Context menu 

To work with emails. 

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