4.8. How Badges Work

In Spark it possible to enable badge count to check the number of Whole Inbox or New Messages.

To get this done, just tap Settings menu and then Badges from the list of available options.

Badge count in Spark is based on two separate mechanisms: push notifications and background refresh. Every push notification you receive increases the badge count. At the same time, your emails fetching in the background also increase the count. 

These are the key options vital for the correct work of badges: 

Spark Settings -> Badges -> Show Badges

Make sure you have all the accounts you need to be selected (Show for option).

Spark Settings -> Mail Accounts -> select your account -> Notification Preferences -> All or Smart.

This option influences the way your push notifications get delivered: for all incoming emails (All) or important emails only (Smart).

iOS Settings ->Notifications -> Spark -> Allow Notifications toggle on.

Enabling this option allows Spark send notification in iOS.

iOS Settings -> General - Background App Refresh - Spark toggle on. 

There are two different ways your emails can be fetched in the background:

1. If you receive a push notification the subject and the body of your email will be downloaded (attachments are not included in this case).

2. Email fetched in the background independently from push will fetch only the subject and the title of the email (first two lines).

Important note:

  1. Badge counts the number of messages in threads. Don’t confuse the number of messages you can see in the bottom of the Smart Card with the one shown on the badge.
  2. Spark refreshes the data once launched. If your Internet Connection is bad you may try to pull down to refresh the app.
  3. Gmail accounts show as "unread" not only new emails, but unread chats also.
    To check them you need to open your account on Gmail webpage, press on the left side "More", choose "Chats". 
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