4.6. Customize Notifications

To manage notifications in Spark, tap at the top left, go to Settings > Notifications.

In the Notification Preview section, you can choose the appearance of Spark notifications. Tick one of the options and Spark shows how notifications will look.

Spark can group notifications by subject on your lock screen. To turn on this feature, enable the Group Notifications by Threads toggle.

In the Notification Type section, you can choose notification preferences for each email account.

There are three types of notifications in Spark:

  • All — get a notification for every incoming message.
  • Smart — mutes strangers and automated emails. People you reply to are considered important, and Spark notifies you about their emails.
  • No notifications — you don’t receive any notifications.

To select a notification type, choose one of your accounts and tick the option you wish. You can choose different notification types for different accounts.

Note: Smart notifications are flexible. You can mark a contact as important or not important. Open an email from the needed person, tap the More icon at the bottom, scroll to the right and choose Details. Tap the bell icon at the top right.

The Notification Actions section allows you to set quick actions for notifications on the lock screen. You can use quick replies, archive, delete, or mark an email as read without unlocking your device. Tap Primary or Secondary Action and choose one of the options.

Now, you can perform the actions you’ve chosen on the lock screen.

If you want to adjust the additional notification settings, open the iOS Settings app. Tap Notifications and find Spark on the list of your apps.

In the Alert section, you can decide where the notifications should appear. Tick the options you wish.

Tap Banner Style to choose the banner behavior: Temporary banners disappear automatically while persistent banners stay on your screen until you take action.

If you want to turn off notification sounds in Spark, disable the Sounds toggle. Learn more about sounds in Spark.

Choose Notification Grouping to change group notifications settings. Select By App to group all notifications from Spark on the lock screen.

For more information on how to work with notifications in iOS 12, please check the article from Apple.

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