4.11. Create a Smart Folder

In Spark, you can set up a smart folder to filter emails by sender, attachments or content. A smart folder gives you quick access to chosen emails and makes your inbox more organized. If you receive emails with PDF attachments frequently from your colleague, set up a smart folder for these emails, and they will appear in a separate folder on the left sidebar.

Note: Smart folders display only in Spark and don’t appear on the web page of your account.”

Spark understands natural language; you can type “PDF from Ann last week,” and the app finds the referenced emails.

To create a smart folder in Spark, tap at the top left, go to Settings > Personalization. Tap Add new at the bottom and choose Smart Folder.


Note: You can add a smart folder to the top section on the sidebar. When you have five folders in this section, you have to delete one of them to add a new one. Meanwhile, the bottom section may contain an unlimited number of folders.

Now, you can create a filter for your smart folder. Tap Please, select filter and start searching for the needed emails. For example, if you want all the emails with PDF attachments from your colleague, enter “pdf from…”, start typing a person’s name or email, and Spark suggests the results.


Note: If you search for emails from multiple people, choose the first person on the list, insert a comma, and start typing the second name or email.

After creating the filter, tap Save. Now, you can change the filter name and choose the accounts to use with this smart folder. Tap Add when you’re finished with the settings.

You can find all your smart folders on the left sidebar. To edit a smart folder, go to Settings > Personalization and choose the folder you need. You can change the filter rules, folder name, and manage the accounts for your smart folder.

To delete a smart folder, open Settings > Personalization, choose the folder and swipe to delete it. Alternatively, you can tap Edit at the top right and touch the minus icon near the smart folder.


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