6.5. POP 3 to IMAP migration

IMAP is an up-to-date protocol which allows accessing your messages from any devices while POP 3 downloads emails only on a certain device.

You can switch to IMAP protocol safety by following the instruction below:

  1. Contact your hosting provider or IT department to make sure the option is possible. Explore what settings need to be changed and especially - if any of them should be changed on the server’s side.
  2. Save old messages before making a switch. For example, if you’re using Mac, create a New Mailbox (location: On my Mac) and move your old messages there, including Sent and Drafts folders) to make sure nothing would be missed. Now change settings for your email account.
  3. Get the settings you need to switch your account over to IMAP from your hosting provider or IT department. In most cases, you will need change the prefix in the Incoming Mail Server from pop to imap.
  4. Disable your POP account: select Mail > Preferences -> Accounts > find your POP account > Advanced > uncheck Enable this account.
  5. To create a new IMAP account, select File > Add Account and enter the settings you received in Step 3 above.

If you need more tips, check POP vs. IMAP to search for your own type of account.

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