Spark for Mac

4.2. Customize Your Smart Inbox

The Smart Inbox gathers emails from your various accounts and sorts them into Personal, Notifications and Newsletters. New emails are available at the top of your inbox while read messages go to the Seen section at the bottom.

The Smart Inbox helps you manage your emails faster; you can focus on important messages and quickly clear the rest. Spark allows you to customize the Smart Inbox to work optimally for you.

Open Spark Preferences > General > Smart Inbox. On the left, tick the cards you want to see in your Smart Inbox.

The Personal card displays emails from other people; Notifications is for messages from services; Newsletters is for regular emails from the websites you’ve subscribed to; Pins is for the emails you’ve pinned.

The No New Mail card appears when all your emails have been read and sent to the Seen section. The Shared Drafts card notifies you when your teammate invites you to create an email together or adds comments to a shared draft (see this article for more details about shared drafts).

After choosing the cards you want to see in the Smart Inbox, you can decide how they should look. Select the card (e.g. Personal), click Email grouping and choose one of the options.

Unified displays emails from all of your accounts together. For instance, the Personal card shows your personal emails from every account.

Grouped shows each email address with the number of unread messages. Click on the email address to see the new emails.

Per Account separates each account’s emails. For example, if you receive two personal emails in two different accounts, these messages are shown on separate cards.


From left to right: Unified, Grouped, and Per Account settings

You can choose different email groupings for different cards. For example, the Per Account setting for the Personal card, Grouped for Notifications, etc.

The mixed settings

With the Unified or Per Account email grouping enabled, you can decide how many emails should be displayed on a card. Select the card and click Visible emails. Choose from one to 10 messages or pick unlimited.

The Accounts setting allows you to choose the accounts you want to see in your Smart Inbox. Select the card and untick the accounts you don’t need. For example, you may not want to see newsletters for one of your accounts.

The Card Action setting allows you to set up quick actions for emails on every card. Select one of the options from the list: Mark emails as read, delete or archive them.

To perform an action, click the button at the card’s top right.

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