Spark for Mac

3.10. App quits unexpectedly

If Spark crashes/quits unexpectedly on any action, please reboot your Mac. If it doesn't help, please send us the additional information, such as:  

System Crash Logs:   

  • Open Spotlight Search > find and open Console.
  • Select Clear button.
  • Launch Spark and reproduce the crash.
  • Go back to Console > User Reports or System Reports > Drag & drop the Spark related .crash file to a Finder folder (for example, Downloads).
  • Send the .crash file via Support form.

Detailed logs:

  • Open Spark Preferences > General > enable Detailed logging.
  • Reproduce the issue.
  • Open Spark > Help > Send Feedback.

Note: The logs you will send us may contain sensitive personal information. We will, of course, treat logs as confidential information, never share them with third parties and retain them according to our Privacy Policy.

Since crash could be specific in each case, please describe the sequence of actions that you follow before Spark crashes.

If Spark crashes when viewing or performing certain actions to a particular email, please send us its message data for the testing:   

Open the problematic email in Spark  > tap '…' in the upper email toolbar > Tools > Send message data > type "Crash" in the subject field.

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