Spark for Mac

4.7. How Badges work

In Spark it's possible to enable badge count to check the number of emails for Whole Inbox or New Messages Only.     

To get this done, just click Spark > Preferences menu and then choose Badges from the list of available options.

Badge count in Spark is based on push notifications mechanism. Every push notification you receive increases the badge count.   

These are the key options vital for the correct work of badges:   

  1. Spark Preferences -> Badges -> Enable Badges. Make sure you have all the accounts you need to be selected (Accounts to show in dock count option).   
  2. Spark Preferences -> Accounts -> Select your account -> Notification Preferences -> All or Smart. This option influences the way your push notifications get delivered: for all incoming emails (All) or important emails only (Smart).  
  3. OS X Settings ->Notifications -> Spark -> Show Notifications and Badge app icon tick on. Enabling this option allows Spark send notifications on your Mac and display the badge for your emails.      

Important note:

  1. Badge counts the number of messages in threads. Apart from this, the count on the sidebar displays the number of threads, whereas the badge on the app's icon displays the number of emails.
  2. Please, notice that badge displays the number of threads only for Inbox and Smart Inbox folders. Other folders’ badge displays the total number of emails instead.
  3. Spark refreshes the data once launched. If your Internet Connection is bad you may click Check New Mail to refresh the app.     
  4. Gmail accounts show as "unread" not only new emails, but unread chats also.
    To check them you need to open your account on Gmail webpage, press on the left side "More", choose "Chats". 

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