Spark for Mac

5.8. Manage Signatures

Spark allows you to create a pre-arranged signature which appears automatically at the bottom of the email composer. You can have multiple signatures and set the default ones for different accounts to save time while writing emails.

Signatures sync across all your devices. You can create a signature on Mac and use it on your iPhone and vice versa. Make sure you're logged into the same email for sync on both of your devices. Learn more about the sync option in Spark.

Creating a signature

Click Spark at the top left of your screen, open Preferences > Signatures. Click on the plus icon at the bottom left to add a new signature.

Type the text of your signature in the text field on the right. If you have an HTML-signature, click HTML at the top right and paste the HTML code.

Note: If you use an HTML signature, we recommend you to untick Always match my default message font. Otherwise, the font of your signature may not display properly.

To add an image to your signature, click on the top toolbar and choose the needed file on your Mac. Please note: There is no possibility to resize the image you add. If you need this option, you can create a signature with an image in any HTML-signature generator and paste the code in the text field.

If you want the signature you created to be the default for a particular email address, tick the needed account in the Default for… section at the bottom.

Switching between multiple signatures

When you compose an email, your default signature displays at the bottom. Click on the arrow buttons to choose a different signature.

You can choose the other signature from the list or click No signature. If you want to create another signature, click Add New Signature.

Editing and deleting signatures

You can view and edit your signatures in Preferences > Signatures. Click on the needed signature to edit it.

To delete a signature, select the one you want to remove and click on the minus sign at the bottom left. Click OK in a pop-up message. Please note: You can’t undo this action!

If you don’t want to use pre-arranged signatures in Spark, untick Enable Signatures. Now, the signatures won’t display in the email composer.

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