Spark for Mac

5.16. Use Quick Replies

Quick replies is a special Spark feature that helps you to save your time and react quickly to the email just with one symbol or a few words. 

To enable this feature, please go to Spark > Preferences > General > Quick Replies Section and tick Enable Quick replies on the left side of the menu.

Here you can add new quick replies or remove the ones you don't need. Each Quick reply's Name, Text, and Icon can be edited according to your style and workflow. Removing Emojies from Quick replies is not available for now. If this option is important for your workflow, feel free to share your feedback with us using our support webpage

In order to send a quick reply, open the email > click Quick reply button > choose a reply.

Note: Quick replies are available only for Personal emails. In order to change the category of an email, open it > click on the current category in the top-right corner > choose Personal.

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