Spark for Mac

4.10. How Spark Controls Spam

There are two ways for an email to appear in Spark’s Spam folder:

  1. Your email provider automatically identifies a message as spam. Please note: Spark doesn’t have its own spam filters.
  2. You have marked the email as spam. To do this in Spark, open the email, click on theMore icon at the top right and select Mark as Spam.

To access the Spam folder, click More on the left sidebar and select Spam. You can delete the emails from this folder by clicking Empty Spam.

An email marked as spam doesn’t display in the search results when you use the smart search in Spark.

If you can’t find a specific email, try to search through the Spam folder. Click on the search field at the top or press Cmd + F. Type “in Spam” and enter your query. For example, “bills in Spam.”

To unmark an email as spam, open it, click on the More icon and choose Not Spam or Move to Inbox. This email returns to your inbox and becomes searchable in Spark.

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