Spark for Mac

5.19. Create a Smart Folder

In Spark, you can set up a smart folder to filter emails by sender, attachments or content. A smart folder gives you quick access to chosen emails and makes your inbox more organized.  For example, if you travel frequently, set up a smart folder for your tickets and reservations, and they appear in a separate folder on the sidebar.

Spark understands natural language; you can type “bookings from Airbnb this year,” and the app finds the referenced emails to create a folder.

There are several ways to create a smart folder in Spark.

Adding a smart folder via Spark Preferences

To create a smart folder, click Spark at the top left of your screen, choose Preferences > Folders.

Click on the plus icon at the bottom left and choose Smart Folder.

In the Name field, type the name of your folder. Use the search field to filter the needed emails. Type the word or phrase you’re looking for and press Enter. You can add “last week,” “this year,” etc. to filter emails by date.

If you need the emails from a specific sender, enter “from,” start typing the name or an email and choose the sender from the list. To find emails from multiple people, separate the email addresses with commas.

For emails with attachments, type “attachment,” “pdf,” or “document.” Learn more about how Spark smart search works.

If you want to find emails for a particular account, click All Accounts and choose the needed one from the list.

After adding a filter, click Create. Tick your new smart folder to keep it on the sidebar.

Note: Smart folders exist only in Spark and don't display on the web page of your email account.

You can access smart folders in the Favorites section at the bottom of the sidebar.

Adding a smart folder via search

Click on the search field in Spark, type your query and press Enter. Click on the folder icon on the right to create a smart folder with these emails.

Enter the name of this smart folder and click OK. Now, it’s available at the bottom of the sidebar.

Adding a smart folder from the sidebar

Click on the More icon on the sidebar and select Create Smart Folder (or Smart Folders > Create Smart Folder). Type the folder name, filter the needed emails and click Create.

Renaming and editing a smart folder

Find the smart folder on the sidebar, right-click and select Edit. In the pop-up window, you can rename the folder or change filters.

Deleting a smart folder

Click Spark at the top left of your screen and open Preferences > Folders > Smart Folders. Select the smart folder you want to delete and click on the minus icon at the bottom left.

Note: When you delete a smart folder, the emails it contains aren’t affected. They are still available in your inbox.

Please make sure you delete a smart folder, not an ordinary folder (e.g. Important, Drafts, etc.). The emails in ordinary folders will be deleted, and this action can’t be undone. You can only delete a smart folder without losing your emails.

Alternatively, you can find the smart folder on the sidebar, right-click on it and choose Delete.

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