Spark for Mac

5.6. Work with Labels

In the updated version of Spark 1.2, we have added labels support. You can easily assign labels to your Google emails by selecting the preferred option when reading a message.

If you have been using labels earlier with Gmail, now all of them can be seen in Spark!  Basically, Gmail labels do all the work folders do and give you an extra bonus: you can slap on more than one per message.

To enable labels, please, open Spark Preferences > General > click ‘Show labels in List’ and pick your label from those displayed near the preview of your messages.

If messages on your Gmail account need different tags, you can easily view and manage your labels at the top to add new labels or delete existing ones.

Labels are connected to the folders that you have in your account. If you are using any other account (not Gmail), you can generate new labels by creating new folders and moving messages into them.

We are delighted that it is also possible to change the color of your labels with Spark 1.2. Click ‘More’ > find your label (folder) and open it > folder will be displayed in ‘Recents’ section on your sidebar > make a right-click on it > click ‘Change Folder color’.

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