Spark for Mac

5.3. Send Later

Send Later functionality allows you to choose the time when the email is sent.

To use this feature, start composing a new email or reply to an existing one. You’ll see an arrow with the clock next to the Send button. Hit it and choose the time when you’d like this email to be sent. You can continue composing your email and when it’s finished, hit Schedule button (it will replace the regular Send button). 

You can always find the scheduled event and adjust the timing in Outbox on your Sidebar. 

Emails that are scheduled to be sent via Send Later are stored on our server in encrypted form. As they are stored on the server side, they are synced between your devices and the email will be sent even if Spark is closed.  

Send Later won’t work if you remove Spark from all devices.

Due to the limitations, you can set Send later date up to 6 months ahead. 

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