Spark for Mac

5.2. Follow up reminders

Follow up reminders functionality allows you to keep track of emails you send that don’t get a reply within a certain period of time.
When you are writing a new email or replying to an existing one, you’ll see an alarm clock icon . You can choose at what date and time Spark will remind you about this email if no one replies. You can continue composing your email and when it’s finished, hit Send. 

If you don’t get a reply to your email by the time you chose, the thread will appear in your Smart Inbox/Inbox with a violet mark. 

You can always review a list of emails that you’d like to be reminded about in Reminders folder on your sidebar. If you don’t see it, please go to Spark Preferences > Folders > Enable Reminders. 

‘Remind me’ works locally on your device. If Spark is closed or uninstalled, you won’t get the reminder.   

Note: Due to the limitations, you can set reminder date up to 2 months ahead. 

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