Spark for Mac

3.13. Wrong contact suggestions

Here are the cases when "Resyncing Address Book" is necessary:

  • When the email address of your contact has been updated, but Spark shows an old email address. 
  • When you see irrelevant contact suggestions when composing emails.

To update the contact information, please make sure you're using Spark 1.5.4 version or higher and select Help > Resync Address Book.

If Spark still shows wrong contact suggestions, please send us the app logs and attach 2 screenshots illustrating the issue from Spark and Contacts app.

  1. Open Spark Preferences > enable Detailed Logging.
  2. Select Help > Resync Address Book once more. The synchronization may take up to several minutes. 
  3. Open Spark > Send Feedback > in the email subject include “Wrong contact suggestions in Spark“ and attach the screenshots.
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