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3.13. Wrong contact suggestions

There are two scenarios when Spark may suggest to you the wrong email address in the “To:” field. Please see your case and follow the instructions to solve the issue.

1. There is an outdated or misspelled email address

To delete a wrong contact suggestion while composing an email, tap the cross icon near this email address.

This feature is available in Spark 2.1.6 or newer. If the app hasn't updated automatically, open the App Store > Updates. Find Spark on the list and click Update.

2. Information from two different contacts is merged

In some cases, Spark may suggest a completely wrong email address when you compose an email. For example, when the "Tom Green" contact merges with the "" email address which belongs to a different contact.

To fix this issue, please try to update the contact information in Spark:

  1. Click Help at the top of your screen.
  2. Select Resync Address Book.
  3. In a pop-up message, click Resync.

If Spark still shows wrong contact suggestions, we are ready to help you personally. Please send us the screenshots illustrating the issue from Spark and the Contacts app.

Follow these steps to send the app logs to our team:

  1. Click Spark at the top left of your screen.
  2. Select Preferences > General.
  3. Tick Detailed Logging.
  4. At the top of the screen, click Help > Resync Address Book once more. The synchronization may take up to several minutes.
  5. Select Help > Send Feedback.
  6. In the subject line, please write “Wrong contact suggestions in Spark.”
  7. Click  to attach the screenshots.
  8. Select Send.

Note: Spark automatically attaches a .zip file with the application logs to this email. They are used only for our investigation. This file may contain sensitive personal data, but we assure you we treat it as confidential information.

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