Spark for Mac

5.15. Sort by Unread

Spark has a unique approach to sorting new emails - Smart Inbox. It helps you to easily distinguish important Personal emails from Newsletters or Notifications. You can manage Smart Inbox by taking the following steps:

  • Open Spark
  • Tap Spark in the upper menu > Preferences > Smart Inbox tab
  • Select needed folders that you would like to see in Smart inbox section on the sidebar
  • Tap on each option selected and chose how many emails you would like to see at a time and which accounts to include

However, there are instances when you might need to see all new emails you’ve received. For this we can suggest the following options:

1. Use Search query ‘Unread’(open Spark type in unread in search field).
2. Create Smart folder for unread emails. Here are the steps to take:

  • Open Spark > Go to Inbox > type in ‘unread’ in search field;
  • When the results appear > tap ‘Create smart folder’ icon under the search field;
  • Insert the name of the smart folder > tap ‘Ok’
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