Spark for Mac

5.12. Delete multiple emails at once

There are many instances when you would like to delete several emails at once. Spark possesses such functionality on both iOS and OS versions.

Here is the detailed guide to follow:

  1. Open Spark > Go to the folder where needed emails are stored.
  2. Tap and hold Shift button and select needed emails by tapping/clicking on them
  3. When several emails are selected the following image will appear on the right side of the window:

  4. You are able not only to delete multiple emails (by tapping on the trash bin icon) but also, archive, move, min, snooze, mark as read/unread.

If you would like to select all emails in the folder simply use shortcut Cmd+A.

Note: If you’ve accidentally deleted several emails, you may find them in Trash folder and move them back to Inbox/other custom folder (right-click/secondary click on the email > select Move to Inbox)

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