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1.3. Shared Threads: Discuss Emails With Your Team

Sometimes you need to get additional information from your teammates to answer an important email. Forwarding an email doesn’t work well, especially when you need to discuss it with multiple people. There is a better way to collaborate. In Spark for Teams, you can share an email with your colleagues to discuss it together privately in the comments.

Why use shared threads:

  • Ask your teammates for help with answering an email
  • Quickly get all the information and documents needed for a reply
  • Share and discuss valuable insights and feedback from your clients

Sharing an email

Open the email you want to share and click on the Share Conversation icon at the top right.

Choose the members of your team you want to share the email with and click Invite people. You can tick Share new emails to automatically share all future emails in this thread.

Choose multiple people or share the email with the entire team. Your teammates will be notified of your invitation.

Note: If you have multiple teams, choose the one you need by clicking on the team’s name.

The people you share the email with have to use Spark and be the members of your team. Otherwise, they will receive an invitation to join your team and will need to download Spark if they don’t have it.

Shared conversation enables you to discuss the email privately with selected team members. Compose your message and press Enter. The email’s sender or other people from your team won’t see any comments.

To mention a person in your comment, type @ and choose a team member from the list. Start typing the name or email address to find the right person faster. The team member you mention  will be notified.

Note: You can always find all your shared emails in the Shared folder on the left sidebar. If it is not listed on the sidebar, it can be activated via More on the sidebar > Shared.

Removing members from the conversation

You can remove selected team members from the conversation. Click on the Share Conversation icon or a person’s avatar at the top right, choose a person from the list, and click on the cross icon.

The person you removed can’t access the previously shared email on the Shared tab anymore.

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