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1.4. Shared Links: Move Your Emails Outside the Inbox

Sometimes you need to show your teammates a specific email or thread. You can forward an email, copy text from it, or make a screenshot, but there is a better option. In Spark for Teams, you can create a link to an email and share it outside the inbox.

Why use shared links:

  • Provide instant access to an email by sharing the link on Slack, Confluence, or other tools your team uses
  • Add email links to internal docs to keep everyone on the same page
  • Share great email templates with your team

We do NOT share your emails with other people automatically; only you can share them. When you create a link to an email, the message is saved on our secure server and the people you shared the link with are able to view the email. For more details regarding privacy, see Spark Privacy Policy.

Creating a link to an email

You can create a link to a single message, without sharing the entire thread. Open the email you want to share, click on the More icon at the top right, and choose Create Link. Now the link is copied to clipboard.

You can share the link on Slack, Messages, or other tools your company uses for team collaboration. A person with the link to your email can open it in a browser.

By default, anyone with the link can view a shared email. However, you can change the privacy settings. Open the email you shared and click the Edit link icon at the top right. You can choose who is able to view the shared email: anyone with a link or just you. If you have a premium account, you can make an email visible for your teammates only. To stop sharing your email, click Delete link.

Note: If you don’t want other people to see the email addresses in the shared message, untick Show all email addresses in emails.

Creating a link to a thread

If you need to keep your teammates up-to-date, you can create and share a link to the entire thread. The link automatically updates with new emails and private comments from your team.

Open the thread you want to share, click theMore icon at the top toolbar, and select Create Link. Your link is copied to clipboard , and you can share it with your colleagues.

Now, your teammates are able to read the thread with all the new replies and private comments.

To adjust the privacy settings, click on the Edit link icon at the top right and choose who can view the shared thread. Click Delete Link if you don’t want to share the thread anymore.

Note: To make team functionality available to you, we store shared content on our secure servers. If you want to learn more, see Spark Privacy Policy.

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