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1.2. Shared Drafts: Write Emails Together With Your Team

Sometimes you need help from your colleagues with writing an email. You may want your teammates to proofread your email before sending or to add some missing information. Of course, you can write your email in Google Docs and invite other people to edit it, but this requires unnecessary work.

With Spark for Teams, you can create a shared draft to write an email together in real time and discuss it privately in the comments.

Why use shared drafts:

  • Proofread and review important emails before sending
  • Allow your assistant to draft and send emails on your behalf
  • Train new team members to write emails to clients

Creating a shared draft

Click on theCompose icon at the top toolbar. In the new window, click on the  Share icon at the top right.

Choose the members of your team you want to share the draft with and click Invite people. Your colleagues will receive an invitation to edit the shared draft.

If you tick Allow others to send this draft, your teammates are able to send this email on your behalf.

Note: The people you share the email with have to use Spark and be members of your team. Otherwise, they will receive an invitation to join your team and will need to download Spark if they don’t have it.

Shared drafts allow you and your teammates to write an email together and see each other’s edits in real time. Both you and your colleagues can attach files to the email. To make communication faster, you can discuss the draft privately in the comments on the right sidebar.

If you want to invite more teammates while creating an email, click on the  Add people icon at the top right. Find the person you need by entering his or her name or email, and click Invite people.

Note: If you want to share a draft with two or more people, you need to upgrade to Premium. Learn more about our plans on our Pricing page.

You can always find all your shared drafts in the Shared Drafts folder on the left sidebar. If it is not listed on the sidebar, it can be activated by clicking More on the sidebar > Shared Drafts.

When you open a draft in the Shared Drafts folder, you can’t see the comments. To activate them, click on the Comments icon at the top right. If you want to view the draft with the comments in a separate window, click on the Maximize icon at the draft’s top left.

Removing people and deleting the draft

You can remove a person you shared the draft with. Click on the Add people icon or a person’s avatar at the top right, choose the person from the list, and click on the cross icon.

The person you removed can’t access the previously shared email in the Shared Drafts folder anymore.

Note: If you share the email with only one teammate and then remove this person, your draft disappears from the Shared Drafts folder. You can find it in the Drafts folder on the left sidebar instead.

To delete the shared draft, open it in the Shared Drafts folder and click on the Delete icon at the draft’s top right.

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