Spark for Mac

2.2. Dark Mode

With the release of macOS Mojave, Spark supports the new Dark Mode. You can choose a dark background for apps, menus, and toolbars to please your eyes while working at night or in a poorly lit environment.

Make sure you’ve downloaded and installed macOS Mojave from the App Store. To enable the Dark Mode, open System Preferences > General > Appearance and choose Dark.

To enable the Dark Mode in Spark, you need to update it to version 2.0.13. If it hasn’t updated automatically, go to the App Store > Updates, find Spark and click Update.

Note: Dark Mode doesn’t affect HTML emails as newsletters; they are displayed as usual.

Spark 2.0.14 and newer gives you additional control over the Dark Theme. You can switch Spark to the Dark Theme while your Mac uses the Light appearance and vice versa. Open Spark Preferences > General > Dark Theme support.

According to System Preferences is a default setting. It means Spark switches to the Dark or Light Theme depending on the appearance you choose in System Preferences.

Always use Dark theme means Spark always has the darkened interface enabled, even if your Mac uses the default Light theme.

Always use Light theme makes Spark always use the Light theme, even if you enable the Dark Theme on your Mac via System Preferences.

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